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At Northwest Church we Grow Together. There are three different ways that Connect Groups meet: on-site, online, and in-home. Click one of the links below to get connected!

Frequently Asked Questions about Connect Groups

When do Connect Groups meet?

Connect Group meetings vary from once a week, every other week, to once a month.

What is a typical Connect Group meeting like?

Most groups start with food and conversation. Followed by a discussion of the weekend’s message, or studying the Bible. Groups also plan fun and engaging activities together.

What type of study does the Connect Group follow?

Connect Groups discussions are centered on the weekend message at Northwest, or a specific Bible study. This approach helps individuals to understand how the Bible applies to their lives throughout the week.

What about childcare?

Several Connect Groups meet on Wednesday night while children and youth participate in the weekly activities on the Northwest campuses.

Are Connect Groups specific to each campus?

Yes. Connect Groups are organized based out of each campus. However, you are welcome to join any group at any campus (Bentonville, Farmington, Springdale).

How do I join a Connect Group?

Semester sign-up for Connect Groups happens twice a year in January and August. However, you can join a group any time during a semester. Tap here to join a group.

How do I become a Connect Group Leader?

Serving as a leader provides opportunity to grow in your leadership abilities. As a host or leader you provide an example of service to your children. For more information on how to become a Connect Group Leader fill out the form below!

What Connect Group should I join?

You can view a list of the Connect Groups offered by tapping here.

If one group does not fit you, that is okay! There are many groups for you to choose from. There is a place for you!